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Buckets of Long Distance

Monthly Price Yearly Savings
Bucket of 60 Minutes $6.00 $36.00
Bucket of 100 Minutes $9.50 $66.00
Bucket of 225 Minutes $20.85 $154.80
Bucket of 350 Minutes $31.50 $252.00
Bucket of 500 Minutes $42.50 $390.00

Dependable long distance telephone service is not a thing of the past! BPS Long Distance can give you quality service at an affordable price for both intrastate and interstate calls. Sign up for BPS Long Distance below. You can also protect your long distance service, no matter the provider, by completing the Freeze Authorization Form below. This will prevent any unauthorized change of your long distance service. If you have any questions regarding your long distance telephone service, contact BPS Long Distance online or call 1-800-785-8631.

Please fill these forms out, print, sign and then fax or mail to:

BPS Telephone Company
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PO Box 550
Bernie, MO 63822
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